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Unofficial SlimServer, SLIMP3 and Squeezebox resources


Here is a list of links to official and unofficial help, support and information sites for the SlimServer music server.  If you know of any other sites that should be listed then please let us know.

Local downloads Plug-in modules and other files available for you to download.

Last update: 30 December 2004.

Official downloads The latest release of the SlimServer software and player firmware is available from this page.
SlimServer CVS  The SlimServer CVS archive, in a web-based format that allows you to to browse around.  You can also connect to the SlimServer CVS archive directly by following the instructions on this page.
Official documentation The officially published SlimServer documentation can be found on the Slim Devices website.
HOWTO-style guides  We have a single HOWTO-style document at the moment.  Feel free to write and submit your own to add to our "collection".

Last update: 08 April 2003.

Mail lists
Users' mail list and archive  SLIMP3/Squeezebox owners (and prospective owners) talk about the product and answer each other's questions.
Developers' mail list and archive  Discussion among SlimServer software developers about new features and work in progress on the next version of the SlimServer software.  Topics include algorithms, UI design and communication protocols.
CVS checkins  SourceForge sends automated notifications of all source code changes in the current development version of the software.  All developers must sign up for this. You can subscribe to the mail list by filling in the form on this page.
Official information
Official website  The official Slim Devices website.
Official documentation  SLIMP3/Squeezebox/SlimServer documentation from the Slim Devices website.
Current bug list  You can read the list of bugs that have been reported using the SourceForge bug tracking system.  You may also raise your own bug reports here.
Feature requests  If you have an idea for a feature you think would enhance the SlimServer, you can raise a feature request here.  If it's a non-music-related feature then you should consider writing a plug-in module.
Other websites and projects
Projects page at Slim Devices  Links to various third-party websites.  The linked websites include I2C hardward projects, plug-in modules and SLIMP3/Squeezebox hardware customisation projects.
SlimServer development  Hardware and software player and server modification projects created by Gwen Design.
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If you have any suggestions on how this new site should be arranged or run, or would like to contribute, please contact us.  We will be collecting plug-in modules, unofficial patches, HOWTO-style documents and other useful SLIMP3/Squeezebox-related goodies.  Please submit anything you can.  The author of any contribution will retain the copyright and will be fully acknowledged on the site.  Please ensure that any contributions are covered by the GPL or another genuinely free license.  We will not accept contributions that come with restrictions upon free re-distribution or use.

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